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Quds Paints Industry was established in 1994. It started with two lines of products,Water-born Interior Walls putty and Cement-base tile adhesive.

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Gingivitis LATEST NEWS


Gum disease, or periodontal disease, which is sometimes called periodontitis, describes cases of
Cleaning teeth LATEST NEWS

Cleaning teeth

Most people know the traditional methods of brushing teeth, but did you know that there is an innovative method of brushing that gives you perfectly clean teeth?
bruxism teeth LATEST NEWS

bruxism teeth

Dental bruxism is a condition in which a person clenching teeth and pressing them severely
sensitive teeth LATEST NEWS

sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth appear when the enamel of the teeth is eroded, and gingivitis leads to the receding of the gums to reveal the neck of the tooth, which is the part closest to the gu
First aid for dental injuries LATEST NEWS

First aid for dental injuries

It is to provide immediate assistance for any dental injuries in case of fracture or loss due to a specific accident until the arrival of specialized medical assistance.
Prosthodontics LATEST NEWS


It is the best time to start planning a brighter oral health for your baby
pregnancy period LATEST NEWS

pregnancy period

It is the best time to start planning a brighter oral health for your baby
Nutritional behaviors and diseases of the mouth and teeth LATEST NEWS

Nutritional behaviors and diseases of the mouth and teeth

Parents and carers of people with special needs should pay attention to the dietary pattern and try to prioritize vegetables and fruits over carbohydrates and sugars.
Osteoporosis and oral health LATEST NEWS

Osteoporosis and oral health

Monitoring your oral health will help you avoid osteoporosis complications.
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