Fluoride for Children?

It is one of the chemical elements that naturally occurs in the environment in varying concentrations in the water, soil, and air depending on where you are. Fluoride is typically added to drinking water and some children’s dental care products to build tooth enamel and lower the risk of tooth decay. Furthermore, fluoride can be

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CAD/CAM dentistry

It is a technology used in dentistry and prosthodontics to enhance the design and building of prostheses, particularly artificial teeth such as crowns, dental bridges, veneers, and orthodontic appliances. This technology supplemented old methods developed to attain comfort and simplicity in dental prosthodontics manufacturing processes, to improve design speed, and to enable this type of

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A branch of Dentistry that concerns adjusting misaligned teeth and aims to fix and adjust defects, given that teeth shape affects the person’s outer appearance, not to mention the speech and chewing difficulties and the necessity of dental health care. Dental problems are usually begin after the falling of the deciduous teeth and the development

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What is the dental implant?

   Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and have recently become an integrated treatment in dentistry to treat both total and partial tooth loss. Dental implants also provide several advantages compared to traditional dentures. As a result, dental implants are a root created of a substance that is implanted to offer stability and

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Tooth nerve

The tooth nerve is a nerve that extends to the tooth root and contains Sclerenchyma and blood vessels. It’s possible that this nerve will become inflamed owing to bacterial infection brought on by a deep cavity or tooth fracture. dental crown the affected tooth if the tooth is thinning, which makes it easy to break.

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