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Quds Paints Industry was established in 1994. It started with two lines of products,Water-born Interior Walls putty and Cement-base tile adhesive.

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A unique design was chosen for our STERILIZATION room, where there is a complete separation between the clean (green) and dirty (red) areas, to guarantee an infectioncontrolled environment and to ensure the health and safety of the sterilization process. transparency was what we were seeking when we chose our panels to be clear glass.

The Sterilization process begins from the transfer of all tools and instruments from the treatment room to the dirty area in the sterilization room.


  • All tools are washed using a custom brush, soap and water.
  • All tools are placed in the ultrasonic sonic cleaner with water and solvent for 5 minutes, which is an ultrasound device (usually from 400–20 KHZ).
  • After all tools are dried, they are soaked in a high effective disinfectant (Cidex) for at least 20 minutes, a substance that destroys bacteria and viruses, eliminating HIV virus and hepatitis B virus in 30 seconds and eliminates the bacteria and fungi within a minute and the germs of tuberculosis within two minutes.
  • All tools are washed with water and then air-dried.
  • The tools are then placed and sealed in special bags using the sealing machine.


  • The autoclave is then filled with distilled water (water distiller is a water purifying device that boils water into vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container. Impurities in the original water that do not boil below or at the boiling point of water remain in the original container). And this process is done to kill bacteria and viruses.
  • The sealed tools are placed in the autoclave for 45 minutes at a temperature of 134oC, which is a thermal oven that heats the tools and equipment with compressed steam force.
  • The date of sterilization is then placed on each pack. Which then must be sterilized if a month passes and the tools are not used.
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